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Did you know that nine Hartland High School basketball players chose Hartland Middle School faculty members as "a Hartland Consolidated Schools Staff Member that has made a difference in his educational and athletic endeavors"?  We are proud that so many students recognize and value the hard work, compassion, and dedication shown by our teachers each and every day.

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Welcome to Hartland Middle School at Ore Creek


Hartland Middle School at Ore Creek is part of a long tradition of excellence in Hartland Schools.  We consistently outperform other schools and far exceed State averages in our yearly State of Michigan student achievement testing; we offer an excellent academic, athletic, and arts program; and we meet the individual social and emotional needs of our students through strong connections with adults.  We have approximately 950 students in seventh and eighth grade, with three academic teams of four core teachers per grade.  HMS offers support for struggling students – including reading and math support, co-taught classes, alternative programs, peer mentoring, tutoring, Homework Hall, and Support classes – as well as extended opportunities for qualifying advanced students including Honors Algebra, Advanced Geophysical Science, and world language classes.  The goal of our school community is to help students succeed in all aspects of middle school.  We truly believe that success is the only option for our students.

7th Grade M-Step Testing

Dear Parent(s) and Students,

The Michigan Student Test of Educational Progress (M-STEP) is quickly approaching. All 7th Grade students will be tested in the subjects of English, Math and Science. Hartland Middle School along with the entire Hartland district uses this information to better our curriculum content, instructional delivery, and gauge your student’s progress through their educational career.

The testing dates for the 2015-2016 school year are:

•  Tuesday, May 10th beginning at 7:35 AM
•  Wednesday, May 11th beginning at 7:35 AM

It is very important that your child is present for testing sessions. Please try to ensure that any outside appointments, vacations, etc do not conflict with these two dates. Here are a few recommendations for these dates:

•  Have your student eat a good breakfast before they come to school.
•  Make sure they get a good night’s rest the night before.
•  Leave electronic devices at home. They will NOT be allowed into the testing sites and can be cause for
•  Students are allowed to bring a book to quietly read when they have completed their portion of the test
    and there is extra  time.
•  There will be time to eat lunch once testing is complete.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact Mr. Livingway or Mrs. Lashbrook at (810) 626-2400.

April—Students of The Month

Meghan Kilbane—7th Grade 

Natalie Conrad—8th Grad

May—Students of The Month


Olivia Green—7th Grade
& Shannon Ehrlich—8th Grade

June—Students of The Month


Olivia Refsell—8th Grade
& Colton Germane—7th Grade

School Information

Hartland Middle School at Ore Creek
3250 Hartland Road
Hartland, MI 48353

Main Office: 810-626-2400
Fax: 810-626-2401
Absence Line: 810-626-2405

Principal: Steve Livingway stevelivingway@hartlandschools.us

Assistant Principal: Alice Lashbrook  alicelashbrook@hartlandschools.us
Counselor: Erica McLennan  ericamclennan@hartlandschools.us

Transportation: 810-626-2175
Food Service: 810-626-2868
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Mission Statement

We dedicate ourselves to the use of Reason, Respect, and Responsibility to provide an opportunity for students to reach the high level of academic achievement necessary to prepare for high school. We commit to a comprehensive system of support through remediation, acceleration, and connection with students. New opportunities for success will be provided where failure exists.

We believe in the 3 Rs

  • RESPECT self, others, and school
  • REASON as a basis for problem solving
  • RESPONSIBILITY for personal actions and learning
We believe...
  • Middle school students are unique...
  • All students can learn...
  • Learning is a life-long process...
  • Learning promotes self-esteem, self-esteem promotes learning...
  • Home and school are partners in the academic and social development of the middle school student...
  • All students have the right to learn in a safe, orderly, and disciplined environment...
  • Students need a variety of experiences and options in an environment that is conducive to learning...
  • High expectations that are clearly stated promote student achievement...
  • Consistent attendance and punctuality promote life-long positive habits...

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