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Click the following links to find answers to the following questions:

This site includes a variety of categories regarding the Mesoamerican Ball Game.  Click on the titles on the webpage to find the info.

BALL: size and weight?

What else was rubber used for in Mesoamerica?

UNIFORM: List the name of all of the parts of the uniform as well as the part of the body where it was worn/purpose it served.

COURT: Describe your favorite piece of art from the courts in the gallery.

GAME: What does this site say about whether or not the losers of the game


What year did the ball game start?

Why are there so few archeological rubber balls from the game?

The Spanish conquistadors were accustomed to balls made from__________________________________________in Europe. What did they believe about the balls that the Aztecs were using (remember they did NOT encounter the Maya – both Aztec and Maya people played the game)?


This is a modern game of ulama.  Name 2 modern sports that have some of the same characteristics and explain how they are similar to this game.


Sacrifice and the Mesoamerican Ball Game:

   a.Why is the shape of the court considered sacred/holy?

   b.What are the names of the 2 hero twins?

   c.What happened to the FIRST set of hero twins?

   d.What happened to the SECOND set of hero twins?

   e.Why DOESN’T this scientist think that the losers were sacrificed?

Have more time? Click on the link above to “play” el juego de pelota and test your knowledge of the game.
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