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Peggy Storey
Denise Terry
Christine Rutkowski
Beth Peteron (Parent Advisor)
STAND is a grass-roots middle school based asset building program, developed by Student Leadership Services, Inc. STAND is committed to the idea that empowerment of youth is a key element in the creation of positive learning environment. STAND is designed for middle school students ages 11-14 in grades 6-8. The STAND program is proven to build and provide Supportive Relationships, Safety, Youth Engagement, Youth Interaction, Asset Building, Life Skills, and Drug Education Prevention.

September 22—STAND Kickoff Event

STAND Kickoff Event Thursday, September 22 during all lunches. 
  1. We need you and your support
  2. Without you we can't change anything
  3. We want to make our school a better place
  4. Make friendships with cook kids you may not have met otherwise
  5. Take a stand
  6. Participate in exiting events
  7. Learn important skills in leadership
  8. Be a part of something BIG
  9. Feel good about what your're doing
  10. Have fun!
Click here for STAND form.

Registration Form

If you are interested in joining the STAND Club click here to fill out the registration form.
Thank you!

Upcoming Projects/Events

Blankets for Hospice (Providence Hospital Hospice Program)—Ongoing
Military Care Packages—Items will be collected through March 18
  • Promotion in the lunch room March 15-16 (workers needed)
  • Packages assembled Monday, March 21 (workers needed)
Heavenly Hats—March 24
Pop can tab kickoff (Ronald McDonald House)—April 4
Pinwheels for Prevention (LACASA's Child Abuse Prevention Council)—April 11-15
Movers for Moms (LACASA)—April 18 through May 6 
Opiate Awareness (Livingston County Community Alliance)—April 26-28
Board Meeting Presentation—June 6
Run Against Drugs (Livingston County Community Alliance)—Summer

Red Ribbon Photo Contest 2017 - WE WON!!

Red Ribbon Check Presentation 2018
Red Ribbon Check Presentation 2017/18
2016 Red Ribbon National Photo Contest
Red Ribbon National Photo Contest 2017/18
2016 Red Ribbon National Photo Contest
2016 Red Ribbon National Photo Contest
2015 Red Ribbon National Photo Contest
2015 Red Ribbon National Photo Contest

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